Surabaya Airport Parking

Surabaya Airport offers a few different parking options for travelers. The first is the short-term parking lot, located near the terminal and ideal for picking up or dropping off passengers. The second is the long-term parking lot, which is further from the airport but offers a discounted rate for extended stays.

Surabaya Airport also provides motorcyclists with parking options outside Terminals 1 and 2. All prices quoted below are subject to change without advance notice.

Surabaya Airport Parking Service

Address: Bandar Udara Internasional Juanda

Jalan Ir. Haji Juanda, Surabaya 61253

Telephone: Terminal 1 (+6231) 2986200 / Terminal 2 (+6231) 2986700

Disabled Passenger Parking at Surabaya Airport

Surabaya Airport provides a particular parking area for disabled passengers. This parking area is located at the front of the terminal building, near the main entrance. Disabled passengers can park their vehicles in this area for free.

Short-Term Parking at Surabaya Airport

  • First hour: Rp 10,000
  • Every subsequent hour after 5 hours: Rp 3,000
  • 5 to 12 hours: Rp 25,000
  • Overnight: Rp 100,000
  • Penalty for lost ticket: Rp 150,000

Suppose you are arriving at Surabaya Airport and need to park your car. In that case, there are a few short-term parking options available. The first is the P1 parking lot, located just across from the terminals. This parking lot has a capacity of 300 vehicles and offers hourly rates.

The second option is the P2 parking lot, located a bit further away from the terminals but within walking distance. This parking lot has a capacity of 800 vehicles and offers daily rates. Finally, there is also long-term parking available at Surabaya Airport. It has a total of 1,200 cars and offers weekly rates.

Long-Term Parking at Surabaya Airport

  • Rp 120,000 daily

If you are looking for long-term parking at Surabaya Airport, they offer a safe and secure long-term parking lot just a short walk from the terminal. Their rates are very competitive.

Bus Parking at Surabaya Airport

  • Rp 120,000 per day

Parking services for buses at Surabaya Airport are available at the Bus Parking Area, located on the east side of the airport. Buses can park in any of the four parking bays, and a bus stop is located adjacent to the parking area.

Motorcycle Parking at Surabaya Airport

  • Rp 35,000 daily

Motorcycle parking is available at Surabaya Airport. The motorcycle parking area is located on the first floor of the airport parking garage.

Motorcycles must be parked in the designated motorcycle parking spaces and must display a valid motorcycle parking permit. Parking permits can be obtained from the Surabaya Airport Parking Office or the Parking Garage Office.


If you find parking space at Surabaya Airport challenging, you can park your car at the airport's long-term parking lot. The long-term parking lot is located near the airport terminal. It offers a discounted rate for those who stay longer than seven days.

Additionally, there are also a few private parking companies that operate lots near the airport. These companies typically offer lower rates than the airport but may have fewer amenities.

Car Parks at Surabaya Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Parkir Domestik Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Parkir Motor SMK Penerbangan Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Juanda-Parkir Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Juanda-Parkir Terminal Domestik Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Tempat Parkir Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Parkir Roda 4 Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Parkir Umum Sepeda Motor Terminal 2 Bandar Udara Juanda Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Juanda-Parkir Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Parkir Domestik Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Parkir Juanda Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
UPN Veteran Jawa Timur Surabaya 60294, Indonesia -
Parkir Internasional Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -
Parkir Area Inap Sidoarjo 61253, Indonesia -

Map of Car Parks at Surabaya Airport


Frequently Asked Questions - Surabaya Airport Parking

Which car parks at Surabaya Airport can be found on the Airport grounds?
The following car parks can be found on the Airport grounds at Surabaya Airport: