Surabaya Airport Flights to and from Indonesia

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Flights To CGK  |  Flights From CGK
581 weekly flights
Ujung Pandang Flights To UPG  |  Flights From UPG
285 weekly flights
Balikpapan Flights To BPN  |  Flights From BPN
224 weekly flights
Denpasar Flights To DPS  |  Flights From DPS
208 weekly flights
Jakarta Halim Perdana Kusuma Flights To HLP  |  Flights From HLP
171 weekly flights
Banjarmasin Flights To BDJ  |  Flights From BDJ
165 weekly flights
Kupang Flights To KOE  |  Flights From KOE
78 weekly flights
Batam Flights To BTH  |  Flights From BTH
56 weekly flights
Pontianak Flights To PNK  |  Flights From PNK
52 weekly flights
Palangkaraya Flights To PKY  |  Flights From PKY
42 weekly flights
Tanjung Redep Flights To BEJ  |  Flights From BEJ
28 weekly flights
Pangkalanbuun Flights To PKN  |  Flights From PKN
28 weekly flights
Ambon Flights To AMQ  |  Flights From AMQ
14 weekly flights
Bandung Flights To BDO  |  Flights From BDO
14 weekly flights
Yogyakarta Flights To JOG  |  Flights From JOG
14 weekly flights
Labuan Bajo Flights To LBJ  |  Flights From LBJ
14 weekly flights
Manado Flights To MDC  |  Flights From MDC
14 weekly flights
Tarakan Flights To TRK  |  Flights From TRK
14 weekly flights
Ternate Flights To TTE  |  Flights From TTE
14 weekly flights
Palembang Flights To PLM  |  Flights From PLM
10 weekly flights
Kendari Flights To KDI  |  Flights From KDI
8 weekly flights
Pekanbaru Flights To PKU  |  Flights From PKU
8 weekly flights
Sampit Flights To SMQ  |  Flights From SMQ
2 weekly flights

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